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Drug rehab centres have different ways of addressing an alcohol or drug addiction . When choosing drug rehab centers for yourself or a loved one, it is important to be knowledgeable about the different types of drug rehab and what the end results are of the different drug rehab program.

Drug rehab centre, drug treatment for either alcohol or drugs can be really confusing with all the different programs and philosophies. With the different drugs that are in our society today, such as Meth, Crack Cocaine, Heroin and other hard drugs. Drug rehabs had to evolved with such addictive drugs. Drug rehabilitation is a process with different phases that will bring the individual to a drug free life.

Drug Rehab Center Service's philosophy is to refer you to the best possible Private Drug Rehab. Also, we want the person to achieve a drug free life without substitute. Drug Rehab Center Services will refer you to Drug Rehab Centres that don't use drugs in any shape or form.

Our service philosophy is to provide honest, caring and knowledgeable advice,
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Our mission is to achieve a drug-free world.
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Drug rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the second step in the treatment of an addiction. It helps the individual to gain control over his life. In opting for a drug rehabilitation center, look thoroughly at the rehabilitation phase and ask the following questions.

  • Will the individual get the ability to better deal with life?


  • Does it address the weak points of the individual in order to get him/her to take responsibility for their life, family, job, finance etc?
  • Does the program administer medication?


Medication may be required when there is a physical issue. Nonetheless, for addiction, the programs that utilize medication have proven to be unsuccessful. Indeed, you cannot cure an addiction with a pill. It would be fantastic if it was that easy but in reality, it just gives the individual a "legitimate" addiction as it is prescribed. Nothing in life can be cured with medication. If a program gives you "good reasons" they use medication, it is not effective.

Drug Rehab Centers Services will never refer you to a program that utilizes medication to cure an addiction.

The main cause of addiction is that the individual is not in control of his life and is overwhelmed towards this situation. The drug addict does not have the ability to regulate some aspects of life and drugs and alcohol becomes the solution.

To better understand the signification of the above, let's go back to basics.

Rehabilitation: To restore to good health or useful life, as through therapy and education. (American Heritage Dictionary, fourth edition)

When you choose a drug treatment, ensure that it will restore this ability and enable the individual to function well in life without drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a mean to overcome a physical or emotional pain. Rather than getting the individual to “live with his issue”, help the individual to improve his ability to cope with life.

For many years, rehabilitation centers have not concentrated on rehabilitation. Ensure that the drug treatment program addresses the real issue and bring the individual on top of it. This is how the addict will get his life back.


Drug and alcohol detoxification

Detoxification is the initial step in the rehabilitation process and can take from one day up to 2 weeks. It varies according to the substance used by the individual as well as the length and amount of the drug or alcohol consumption. This phase alone is never sufficient for rehabilitation, especially if the psychological aspects have not been addressed: going back to the same environment, relationships with drug addicts and any other environmental aspect that will restimulate the individual and triggers the addiction.

Detoxification is the action of getting the individual off the immediate effects of the drugs, medication or alcohol; therefore, it is not intended to bring the individual off of the long term effects of the substance. The detoxification gets the individual out of physical pain, restore a standard sleeping schedule and proper eating habits.

In certain cases, the individual needs a medical detox. Substances like benzodiazepine, anti depressant, alcohol and other medication like a detox from oxycodone require medical detox, as well as certain street drugs (opiates).

If you have any doubts whether a medical detox is required or not, contact a physician or a professional on addiction.


Drug addiction

Drugs and Alcohol Rehab Centers can all look alike and can also be confusing when you need to choose Drug Rehab Centers. Obviously, you want to send your loved one to the best facility and this will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. It also can take a lot of work and dedication to get an individual to Drug rehab centers program. The program needs to be effective and be successful now, as occasionally, you will not have a second chance to get the individual to a Drug rehab. There are several factors that need to be taken consideration when you choose a Drug rehab center.

Drug Rehabs have different philosophies and approaches. This is first aspect that has to be taken into consideration as it is the foundation of the drug treatment.  What do they think about addiction, can it be cured? It can seem irrelevant, but it is an extremely important question. In fact, if a program thinks they cannot cure the individual, it will be difficult to get the individual rehabilitated.

What is the success rate of the program? Where is the Drug rehab situated?

With addictions such as:  Heroin Addiction, Crack Cocaine Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment and also Alcohol Addiction, the further from home they are, the better it is. In fact, the environment by itself is a trigger. The majority of the Drug Rehab centers are not locked down facilities, so if the individual is in a local facility and he/she gets a craving or gets upset, it will be easy for him/her to leave the facility. At least, for the duration of the Drug rehab program, getting the good environment for the individual is crucial.

These answers will give you a start on getting a good Drug rehab program that will be effective. Getting all those answers from the various Drug Rehab Centers and the various locations in Canada can be overwhelming.


Bio physical treatment

Bio physical treatment is done after the withdrawal phase. This bio-physical treatment addresses the biophysical and biochemical imbalances with a unique sauna program, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that eliminates toxins from the body, to shut down the cravings.

The programme also includes social and education improvement knowledge to increase the ability of the individual to function better in society and life.

The bio physical treatment has been known as one of the most successful treatments.


Twelve steps

The Twelve Step tradition is a time tested method of recovery from various obsessive-compulsive behaviors which the affected individuals believe have made their lives unmanageable.  These simple tools for living have been used by millions of people to successfully change their lives and recover from negative and even life threatening behaviors.  The twelve steps are based on a set of Spiritual (not religious) principles originally created by Alcoholics Anonymous in the United States in 1935.  Anonymity as a Spiritual principle is the underpinning of the Twelve-Step way of life.  Sharing and supporting in groups with like-minded individuals and ongoing fellowship is a major ingredient in the success of the program.

The twelve steps address different "problems" such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, overeating abuse, gambling etc.



Our team of Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors understand addiction and we know what’s available in drug centres across the U.K.  We will help you navigate through the maze of rehabs and find you the drug rehab centre that best suits your circumstances.


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